Contest of the Week

Hey girls:) I am nikoletaGlossy with an other make-up contest! 
The winner of last week is ... DEMI_LOVANTO_2 with her beautiful pink make-up!

Here are the remaining entries:

  • Only with the doll I tell you to do make-up and no other.
  • Not copying and don't steal ideas from other girls.
  • Upload your photo on tinypic.com .
  • The ugly or beautiful is the make-up that has a girl should not be talking bad about what she has done.
  • That girl asked on Stardoll somehow beat or whatever other means "stealing" the participation of voids and many times took part in the contest I would simply ignore them.
  • ONLY ONCE time upload a photo in a contest, you can't upload two or three or more, if you upload two or more your rejected both.
  • There must be more than 5 entries to make the contest each week.
  • Those girls can't upload their pictures on tinypic.com simple to put on the presentation at Stardoll, tell me and I will put the make-up in the contest.
This week you should paint MissWiki143
This week I want more entries! 
If you want to apply as a model click HERE :)

Kisses - nikoletaGlossy

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